Planning your proposal in 5 simple steps for Valentine's Day


Valentine's day is the perfect time to propose. Why? Because it allows lovers a little over a year to plan the most beautiful day of their lives. The ideal timing provides the opportunity to organize a party without any stress. How to go about it? Here is our "recipe" to make sure everything turns out perfectly. 

Our tips for a successful proposal on Valentine's Day

For your wedding proposal:

A special moment

Since you've decided to let your poetic side express itself by proposing on the most romantic day of the year, you might as well go all the way. What we think is most important for this unforgettable moment is not to pop the question just anywhere, anyhow, without any preparation. We're not going to advise you to book a restaurant or cook a particular menu, especially if it doesn't suit your personality, but we do invite you to make this moment unique for the two of you. Take some time to think about how you can make this moment unforgettable. 

An engagement ring

It's essential to witness the stars in your beloved's eyes. To ensure you make the right choice, don't hesitate to discreetly "sound out" her tastes, or even better, ask a third party to find out about her desires (her mom, her best friend...). White gold, yellow gold, with or without solitaire? What style of jewelry is she used to wearing? Does she like flashy or discreet jewelry? Colored or classic? Don't hesitate to visit one of our Events : a unique and unmissable event, the Wedding Ring Event brings together the greatest legendary brands from Europe and North America, as well as the latest designers at the cutting edge of creativity. In a warm atmosphere, you'll discoverover 10,000 models of wedding rings and engagement rings: whether you're looking for a gold, platinum or silver wedding band, a diamond-set wedding band or a solitaire, you're sure to find the jewel of your dreams. Our advisors will be delighted to help you make this delicate choice. 

An important point!

It's important to bear in mind that some people like grand demonstrations of love, while others, on the contrary, are much more discreet, preferring the intimacy of a good meal at home rather than a moment shared with hundreds of strangers. Does she feel uncomfortable with cameras on her? Then above all, respect her wishes and her personality. It is important to have a  proposal that is both unforgettable and enjoyable. So be sure to take all of your partner's values and wishes into consideration when planning THE moment of her dreams!  

You now have all the essential tools to make a fully successful proposal!

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Hanna Mechaly

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