Platinum wedding rings : Pure, Rare and Eternal just like your Love !


Platinum, with an alloy that's 95% pure, stands as an incredibly dense metal. While, 60% of the world's platinum resources is used in the automotive industry,what inspires jewelers to use this ultra-solid metal for more luxurious purposes? Join us today, as we are going to talk about the world of platinum wedding rings.

Platinum wedding jewelry: the strategic choice

Platinum is a very dense, light-gray metal whose lustre does not fade over time. Often confused with white gold, platinum is not at all the same thing. In fact, platinum's unique properties give it strategic advantages that can sway the hearts of brides and grooms.

Platinum: Pure, Rare and Eternal

Platinum is 95% pure: it requires only 5% alloying with other metals. Iridium, copper or cobalt... it all depends on the manufacturer. Without an alloy, platinum would be far too malleable to be fashioned into jewelry.

Platinum is rare , and more precisely, 30 times rarer than pure gold, which explains its much higher price. In fact, if it were possible to put all the platinum on Earth in an Olympic-size swimming pool, it would be as deep as your ankles! 

Platinum is Eternal: Platinum is the metal that best resists wear and tear (and can therefore be handed down from generation to generation without problem). A platinum ring does not wear out; it always retains the same weight. Shocks over time will only displace the platinum atoms, but there will be no loss of metal.

Platinum never loses its magnificent, brilliant color, as this is its natural hue. In fact, since white gold contains 75% yellow gold, over the years it tends to wear and yellow over time, unless it contains a palladium-based alloy, which is the case  with the Wedding Ring Event models made exclusively of 750 thousandths palladium-plated white gold.

Two other not inconsiderable properties of platinum: thanks to its high density, it holds set stones more securely. As proof, some insurance companies reduce their premiums when a beautiful stone is set in platinum! Finally, platinum is hypoallergenic, so it's perfect for those with sensitive skin.

In short, platinum is THE ideal precious metal for brides and grooms looking for prestige wedding rings.

How to recognize a platinum wedding band: The "Tête de Chien" title mark certifies that your wedding band is made of platinum.

Despite this, the price remains very high

All the above advantages obviously have an impact on the budget for platinum wedding rings. As the metal is denser, it is also more complicated for jewellers to work with. Since it takes longer to make,they charge more. Due to its rarity, the price fluctuates due to supply and demand laws, and since it's heavier than gold, the cost of the jewel is inevitable.

But let's not forget the other strong point of this precious metal: its color and brilliance are so pure that they enhance any stone. So it's up to you, depending on your tastes and, above all, your budget.

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