Two-tone wedding rings: What about a daring combination of colors? 


The choice of wedding rings holds immense significance in any marriage, symbolizing the commitment and eternal love between partners. When it comes to wedding rings, couples have the opportunity to customize them, considering factors like shape, color, and material. While gold wedding rings remain the most popular, options include platinum, silver, steel or titanium. In addition to the material, the ring's shape is also crucial. Traditional wedding rings are usually round and smooth, couples can opt for more unique designs such as square wedding rings, patterns or encrusted diamonds. That is to say, the choice of wedding rings is an important step in the preparation of a wedding, as they represent a strong symbol of commitment and eternal love between partners. The bride and groom should therefore take the time to reflect on their choice according to their preferences, style and budget.

 Two-tone wedding rings: are you willing to be different?

Reasons to say YES to two-tone wedding rings 

At the Wedding Ring Event, we are committed to offering future brides and grooms only high-quality, long-lasting jewelry. That's why we exclusively offer 750/1000 gold, a precious metal renowned for its quality and longevity.

However, we understand that brides and grooms may have preferences regarding gold colors for their wedding rings. This is why they can explore our collections of wedding rings that combine several colors of gold and choose one of the three following color assortment options: the bicolor wedding ring in white and pink gold, the tricolor wedding ring in white, yellow and pink gold, and the wedding ring in platinum and yellow gold.

These assortments allow brides and grooms to customize their wedding rings to match their tastes and style, while also guaranteeing the quality and durability of the rings we offer. 

White gold/yellow gold: the classic

The white and yellow gold wedding band is a classic that has proven its worth for many years. White gold is a timeless option for wedding rings, lending a touch of elegance and sophistication. Combined with yellow gold, it creates a subtle, elegant contrast. If you're looking for a wedding band that combines tradition and modernity, white gold and yellow gold are an excellent option to consider.

White gold / rose gold: the trend

Rose gold is the trend of the year! Its alloy of copper and other elements gives it that lovely light red hue that's so fashionable this season. The white gold and rose gold wedding band is a combination of two perfectly matched metals. White gold is a classic, timeless option for wedding rings, while rose gold adds a touch of subtlety and romance. The combination creates a delicate, harmonious contrast.

‍Yellow gold/ rose gold: the colorful one

Yellow and rose gold wedding rings are a bold combination of two precious metals that create a powdery, romantic effect. They offer a perfect alternative to traditional yellow or white gold wedding bands, adding a touch of color and personality to your wedding attire. 

Yellow and pink together? Why not? The result is a beautiful, nuanced effect. As long as it shines, there's no reason to go without it. You could even add a white gold band for a ring composed of the 3 golds we've just mentioned. 

However, it's important to think carefully before choosing a two-tone wedding band, by taking into account your personal style, jewelry habits and changing tastes over time. After careful thought and selection, a two-tone wedding band can be a beautiful and emotional choice for your wedding.

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